Our Leadership Team

Every good ship needs a reliable captain and an able crew to sail smoothly and confidently to success. PW Companies leadership team oversees the growth and expansion and the long-term strategy of the Del Sol and Cariloha brands.

Jeff Pedersen

Chairman & CEO

Jeff has been CEO and Chairman of Del Sol, L.C. since 2003, and founder, owner, and CEO of Cariloha, L.C. and parent company, PW Cos., since 2008. He has worked in various capacities for the company since 2000; including Intern, Store Manager, Director of Sales, and VP of Sales and Marketing. Prior to joining Del Sol, he spent several years working, serving and studying abroad in Costa Rica and Hawaii. From 2000 to 2001, Jeff and his wife, Heather, became Del Sol's first interns. They went to one of Del Sol's first stores on the French-Dutch island of St. Maarten in the Eastern Caribbean.

During Jeff's tenure, he has taken Del Sol to become the largest color-change retailer in the world, and Cariloha to become the only multi-store retailer in the world with an entire store merchandised with products made from bamboo. The internship program, which Jeff created in 2001, continues to recruit and train hundreds of interns and managers annually to staff Del Sol and Cariloha stores across the globe. At present, Jeff oversees the operations, sales, and strategy for Del Sol and Cariloha store locations worldwide, including company-owned stores in the continental U.S., Mexico, St. Lucia, St. Thomas, Barbados, Hawaii and Alaska, and independent stores in 25 countries. Del Sol and Cariloha stores have also become one of the most highly promoted stores onboard the world's major cruise lines, including, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Celebrity, Disney and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Jeff founded parent company, Pedersen Worldwide, in 2007 and 2008 to house its ever-expanding retail brands and companies. Since becoming the company's majority share holder and CEO, Jeff has witnessed the business' growth and expansion from 8 stores and 80 employees worldwide in 2000 to more than 150 store locations and 1,200+ employees today.

Jeff and Del Sol were named one of Utah's 40 under 40 Business Leaders by Utah Business Magazine and Chain Store Age in 2006 and 2007, and winner of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for Del Sol in 2007 and 2013 for Cariloha. From 2008 to 2013, Del Sol and Cariloha were recognized as two of Utah's Top 100 Private Businesses, Cariloha and Del Sol are Utah's Best of State statue and medal winners consecutively from 2010 to 2013, and Del Sol and Cariloha have been on the Inc. 500|5000 list of fastest growing businesses every year since 2009, Cariloha at #538 in 2012. Jeff graduated with his MBA from Pepperdine University and Summa Cum Laude from Westminster with his undergraduate degrees in business finance, economics and Spanish. Jeff was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He served an LDS mission in San Jose, Costa Rica, and he married his high school sweetheart, Heather, and together they have four children.

Brent Rowser

Chief Financial Officer

Brent has been the CFO and COO of Del Sol since 1998 and of Cariloha and PW Cos. since their founding in 2007. Brent has played a crucial role in growing the company organically, without burdening it with unmanageable debt or surrendering equity. Brent is deeply entrenched in the daily functional operations of more than just finance and accounting - he genuinely understands and is completely immersed in every aspect of our Information Technology, Information Systems, Reporting, Production, and Distribution departments. He's respected for his expansive knowledge on every facet of the company.

Brent oversees the financial management of Del Sol and Cariloha, with corporate operations and retail stores in 12 countries and growing. Since 1998, Brent has transformed and overseen PW Companies' finances, accounting, operations, manufacturing and distribution. As architect of the company's proprietary manufacturing automation system, he has seamlessly integrated the retail brands' supply chain from customer to manufacturer throughout the world. He also coordinated the development and implementation of retail, point-of-sale systems throughout the Del Sol and Cariloha store network, providing the company with immediate access to transaction-level detail in all stores.

In 2007 and 2008, Brent helped our company launch its sister brand, Cariloha, at the peak of the financial recession. Because of Brent's strategic financial planning, we've grown the new brand into a strong, profitable business model in less than four years.

Del Sol and Cariloha have been recognized as leaders in their industry, including Utah's Top 100 Private Businesses, Utah's Best of State (statue and medallions) and on the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing business. Brent graduated with his MBA from Brigham Young University and BS in accounting from Utah State University. He was awarded CFO of the Year by Utah Business Magazine in 2012 and has worked as CFO, CTO and Controller for various companies, ranging from start-ups to corporations worth $500 million in annual sales. Brent lives in Riverton, Utah with his wife, Jody, and their six children.

Aaron Hobson

Executive VP of Marketing

Since February 2002, Aaron has worked in various capacities for the company. He and his wife, Melissa, were two of our first interns and executive managers in Del Sol stores in Grand Cayman, Aruba, Ketchikan and Orlando. In addition to managing cruise and U.S. marketing, Aaron oversees merchandising, store design, product, art, e-commerce and graphic design. Every store location where Aaron has worked saw immediate improvement in all areas of operation, including 30% increases in sales, typically more. Aaron has received praise and endorsement from dozens of store owners, managers, executives and cruise ship promotion partners worldwide. After a two-year period in the stores, working on all facets of frontline operations, he was immediately hired to our corporate team, overseeing promotions and advertising, particularly helping to launch and train our U.S. stores on our hotel-tote promotion. His efforts are still yielding positive results today.

Anything Aaron touches always bares his signature of quality and professionalism. Following his U.S. marketing efforts, Aaron was quickly promoted to oversee all Del Sol and Cariloha cruise marketing promotions, graphic design, Web sites and advertising. Aaron's reputation for delivering outstanding results is evident in all these areas within our business.
Aaron has significantly boosted companywide sales transactions and purchase-price averages by his quarterbacking hundreds of marketing and branding campaigns, along with multiple product and promotional launches every year. He has acquired a deep level of respect from his peers, coworkers and business associates across the globe.
Aaron graduated with his bachelor's degree in international business from Brigham Young University with a minor in Japanese. He's also an accomplished speaker, presenter, trainer and entrepreneur for Del Sol and Cariloha throughout the world. He was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and now lives in Utah with his wife, Melissa, and their four children.

Dustin Tate

Executive VP of Sales

Dustin has worked for the company since January 2002. He first began as an intern in Cozumel, Mexico and shortly thereafter was promoted to be General Manager of all the stores in Cozumel, which was the largest operation within the company. His experience managing the company's highest-volume operation provided him with invaluable insights and skill sets, which he brought back to the company as the Customer Service Manager, then overseeing Store Operations and Corporate Store Management.

Dustin now oversees the company's sales strategy and is responsible for opening new stores and managing the same-store sales efforts of the company. Since 2003, Dustin's ongoing efforts have successfully increased sales and income from all corporately-owned stores and have been instrumental in finding valuable new store owners and distribution partners in key markets in the United States and critical cruise destinations throughout the world. He has proven a unique ability to maximize operating efficiency in every store that he works with. Dustin also oversees our Internship department and our Customer Service, Cruise Marketing, Sales, and Store Operations departments and has continually added immense value to our business with his ability to bolster company strengths and to identify and rectify inefficiencies, knowing how to make the necessary adjustments to maximize returns.
Dustin graduated with a double major in marketing and Spanish from the University of Utah, where he also received his Masters in Business Administration from the David Eccles School of Business. He continues to remain involved with the University of Utah volunteering with the University of Utah's Business Alumni Association. Dustin resides in Utah with his wife, Jamie, and their two children. He enjoys cycling, skiing, and traveling with his wife and family.